What is London Trust Media?

LONDON TRUST MEDIA, Inc. is the world’s first privacy and security focused accelerator and owners/operators of Private Internet Access, the world’s leader in privacy online. Private Internet Access Private Internet Access is the world’s leading VPN service provider and has been in operation since 2010.

If you are looking for a basic cheap VPN service that offers good performance and security, Private Internet Access may be a good fit. Although the jurisdiction in the United States is a drawback, PIA is a verified no logs VPN provider with a good track record.

One may also ask, how does private Internet access VPN Work? The VPN works by establishing an encrypted Tunnel between your computer and our server. Essentially, what happens is your ISP provides you with an internet connection. Our service then encrypts this connection, making it anonymous and secure.

In this way, who owns private Internet?

The CEO of Private Internet Access (and its parent company, London Trust Media, Inc.) is Ted Kim. The founder is Andrew Lee. London Trust Media also owns the Freenode IRC network.

Where is Pia VPN based?

We are located in the United States. With our headquarters being located in Denver, Colorado. Being in the US is optimal for VPN privacy services since the US is one of the few countries that does not have a mandatory data retention policy.

Why is Pia VPN so slow?

The first step in solving your slow PIA issues is to identify the cause of the problem. Private Internet Access notes in their support pages that users may experience connection speed drops between 10% to 75% from their ISPs ideal connection speeds. Other causes of slow PIA connections include: ISP issues.

Do I need a VPN?

Why you need a VPN While a VPN makes it easier to unblock the web, it also comes with another added benefit: privacy. When you use a VPN, you’re essentially shedding your old IP address while assuming a new one. As soon as you connect to a VPN server, all your network traffic becomes encrypted and anonymous.

How much does Pia VPN cost?

Buy a safe and secure VPN from only $3.33 per month from PrivateInternetAccess. Select from a range of three packages from PIA. Prices start from only $3.33 per month for a year subscription.

What protocol does VPN use?

Let’s take a look at the most common VPN protocols. OpenVPN. OpenVPN is an open source VPN protocol. L2TP/IPSec. Layer 2 Tunnel Protocol is a very popular VPN protocol. SSTP. Secure Socket Tunneling Protocol is another popular VPN protocol. IKEv2. PPTP. 2 comments Write a Comment.

How strong is Pia VPN?

While many VPNs average 150-200Mbps, PIA’s lowest median speed across four sessions was 314Mbps, while the fastest was 452Mbps, only a 3.4% drop compared to our non-VPN performance. That might seem rather irrelevant if your connection speed is limited to 50-100Mbps, but it’s still good news.

How fast is Pia VPN?

Speed – How fast is PIA VPN? PIA VPN delivers average connection speeds. Ping has increased from 4 to 122 ms – which is a cause of concern. Download speed however was affected as it dropped from 22.60 Mbps to 18.46 Mbps.

Who owns NordVPN?

The short version is that NordVPN is owned by the Lithuania-based Tesonet, and that this is a data mining company. We were worried when we first heard this story, since our users regularly recommend NordVPN for being a highly secure and dependable provider.

What is the best VPN for Torrenting?

How to choose the best VPN for torrenting ExpressVPN. Best all-round VPN for torrenting and P2P traffic. NordVPN. Most secure torrenting VPN. CyberGhost. Feature-packed VPN that’s terrific for torrents. Windscribe. A log-free oasis for torrenting. Private Internet Access. Best balance of performance and price.

Do VPN slow down internet?

Conclusion – A VPN Slows Down Internet Speeds, But Only Sometimes. Depending on various factors (like how far the VPN server is from you, what VPN protocol you use, how powerful your CPU is, how the VPN routes your traffic – just to name a few), it’s possible that a VPN slows Internet connection speeds for some users.

Is private Internet access safe?

Private Internet Access is safe – On SHA-1 Security Despite its use of the hash function, though, its security is substantially stronger than the security of the underlying hash function used. The lack of security against collisions on SHA-1 doesn’t imply a lack of security of HMAC-SHA1.

How much is private Internet access?

How much does Private Internet Access cost? Monthly US$6.95. US$3.33 a month for a year (a 52% saving).

Why you should be using a VPN?

VPN hide your online identity: VPN allows hiding the IP address by which hackers easily hack your account as well as they are secure your data and information. – It helps to encrypt your online traffic and provide you digital security. A VPN is useful for huge agencies like government and ISPs to protect their servers.

What type of VPN is Pia?

Private Internet Access uses the open source, industry standard OpenVPN to provide you with a secure VPN tunnel. OpenVPN has many options when it comes to encryption. Our users are able to choose what level of encryption they want on their VPN sessions.