What does Hvf 24 2 mean?

24-2: Measures 24 degrees temporally and 30 degrees nasally and tests 54 points. Used for neuro-ophthalmic conditions and general screening as well as early detection of glaucoma. 30-2: Measures 30 degrees temporally and nasally and tests 76 points. Used for general screening, early glaucoma and neurological conditions.


  1. Confirm patient’s name, ID number, and date of examination.
  2. Identify which testing algorithm (24-2, 30-2, etc) is being used.
  3. Confirm that the appropriately sized target was used for the test.
  4. There is a section that lists the pupil diameter at the time of testing.

Secondly, what is a 10 2 visual field test? PURPOSE: To compare the performance of the pattern standard deviation (PSD) values derived from the central 12 locations of the 24-2 visual field test (C24-2) to the entire 10-2 test for detecting central visual field abnormalities in eyes with, suspected of having, or at risk of having glaucoma.

Also asked, what is a normal visual field test result?

A normal visual field extends approximately 100° temporally (laterally), 60° nasally, 60° superiorly, and 70° inferiorly [2]. A physiologic scotoma (a blind spot) exists at 15° temporally where the optic nerve leaves the eye. The scotoma is the area of increased pixilation, indicating decreased visual acuity.

What is Hvf test?

The visual field test is a subjective measure of central and peripheral vision, or “side vision,” and is used by your doctor to diagnose, determine the severity of, and monitor your glaucoma. The most common visual field test uses a light spot that is repeatedly presented in different areas of your peripheral vision.

What is an Isopter?

Medical Definition of isopter : a contour line in a representation of the visual field around the points representing the macula that passes through the points of equal visual acuity.

What is scotoma eye?

A scotoma is an area of partial alteration in the field of vision consisting of a partially diminished or entirely degenerated visual acuity that is surrounded by a field of normal – or relatively well-preserved – vision.

Where is the blind spot located?

The blind spot is the location on the retina known as the optic disk where the optic nerve fiber exit the back of the eye.

What is foveal threshold?

Foveal Sensitivity is the reciprocal of foveal threshold (1/foveal threshold), in dB. Foveal Threshold is the minimum amount of luminance increment on a uniform background that can be detected by the patient at coordinates 0,0 (relative to the center of the patient’s fixation).

What does borderline ght mean?

Borderline Glaucomacan cause loss of vision or the inability to maintain healthy vision. Borderline glaucoma is the early stage of Open Angle Glaucoma or Narrow Angle Glaucoma, two diseases that damage the nerve that connects the eye to the brain causing permanent loss of vision.

Can visual field test be wrong?

There are many ways to evaluate the visual field; a standard automated perimetry is only one of them. The tests are subjective, however, and they are often difficult for patients to perform. As a result it is not rare to have false positives or false negatives.

What is mean deviation in visual fields?

The mean deviation or mean defect (MD) gives an overall value of the total amount of visual field loss, with normal values typically within 0dB to -2dB. The MD value becomes more negative as the overall field worsens—a common example is when a cataract progresses.

Why is visual field not circular?

both axis cut each other and they are not parallel. moreover uniocular vision of one eye can not covereverything of360 degree which is aswellas same for another eye combination of visual feild of both eye can not cover 360 degree at a time. So visual feild never circular.

How can you tell if you are losing your peripheral vision?

Symptoms of Tunnel Vision / Peripheral Vision Loss Seeing glare or halos around lights and other illuminated objects. Unusual pupil size. Increased or decreased sensitivity to light. Impaired night vision. Redness, soreness or swelling in one or both eyes.

What does an abnormal visual field test mean?

In many cases, your visual results will be normal. If your test results are normal, your peripheral vision is in good working order. However, if you have abnormal results, there may be a problem with your central nervous system or an undiagnosed health problem.

What is normal VFI?

The VFI can range from 100% (normal visual field) to 0% (perimetrically blind field). 1. The VFI has been shown to be less susceptible than the MD to the effects of cataract or diffuse media opacities.

Do I wear my glasses for visual field test?

Yes, patients can wear their normal glasses, contacts or a trial frame if needed during visiual field testing on a Matrix 800. It is okay to use bi-focal or progressive lenses. Verify that the patient’s eyes are not dilated during the visual field test, unless the pupil is less than 3 mm.