What do you get with club seats at Heinz Field?

North Club Lounge

Club Level sections offer ticket holders a wider seat and more legroom while watching a football game. For Steelers games, fans here will also have access to the climate-controlled upscale lounges (the East Club which is also known as the UPMC Club, and the West Club which is also known as the Hyundai Club).

Furthermore, what do club seats include? The club level provides fans with special access to an indoor part of the venue exclusive to fans with special tickets. These areas are climate-controlled year-round and allow access to special restaurants, bars, merchandise stands, and lounge areas of the venue.

Keeping this in view, how much are club seats at Heinz Field?

Current Pricing

Space Rental Food & Beverage Minimum
UPMC and West Club $5,000 $20,000
FedEx Great Hall $3,000 $12,500
PNC Champions Club $3,500 $17,500
Ford Fan Zone $3,500 $17,500

What are the best seats at Heinz Field?

Heinz Field Seating: Seat Numbers and Rows – the 100s The Best Seats: In the 100s sections of the Heinz Field row A is the first row row, row Z is the 26th row, and row AA is the 27th row. The best seats for the Pittsburgh Steelers are on or near the 50 yard line (near section 111 or 134).

What gate should I use at Heinz Field?

All Guests may enter Heinz Field through: • Peoples Gate A – South End under Video Board • Gate B – Northeast Corner • Gate C – Northwest Corner • FedEx Great Hall Center – NO BAGS OR PURSES • FedEx Great Hall South – NO BAGS OR PURSES • Southwest Rotunda – NO BAGS OR PURSES • Gate 5 – NO BAGS OR PURSES • All Gates

Is Row AA the first row?

The first row of each seating section is row A, and continues backwards to row Z. The rows then continue in double letters, with row AA being the row behind row Z. i.e., row AA is the 27th row from the front of the section, so the double-lettered rows are towards the back of each section.

How much is a suite at Heinz Field?

Heinz Field Suite Prices Pittsburgh Steelers suite prices can range from $12,000-$40,000 depending on team performance, opponent, day of the week, and suite size. For most regular season home games, suites will cost between $15,000-$20,000.

What is the North Club at Heinz Field?

As the smallest club space in Heinz Field, the North Club Lounge provides a more private atmosphere on gameday. The ticketed seating options include two rows (rows A and B) of outdoor seats and Heinz Field’s only indoor row of seats (row C).

How many seats are in each row at Heinz Field?

Is there a Row HH in Section 133 at Heinz Field? How many seats in a row in the west club? In the West Club, most rows A-L contain 21 seats, while rows M-Q contain 14-17 seats.

Can you take a vape into Heinz Field?

Pittsburgh Steelers Electronic cigarette use is not permitted anywhere inside of Heinz Field. The stadium also does not allow for re-entry.

How much do Steelers tickets cost?

Currently, prices range from $N/A to $N/A, with a current median price of $N/A. There are always great deals to be found at Vivid Seats. Right now, 2020 Steelers tickets start at just $N/A.

Is Heinz Field covered?

There are a lot of covered seats in Heinz Field other than club seating areas. In front of the north club, Sections 219-226 have covered seating for Row N and behind. There is also a very significant overhanging roof that covers a lot of seats on the upper level along the sideline.

How do you become a Steelers season ticket holder?

An SBL (Stadium Builder License) is a license that must be purchased for most seating areas at Heinz Field in order to become a season ticket holder for the Pittsburgh Steelers. A Seat License owner has the right to purchase season tickets from the ticket office each year.

Are club level seats good?

If your not a person for crowds, than the club level seats are good. If the your the fun filled person for crowds and lots of excitement around you than the lower level seats give you the feeling that you’re a participant of the event, other just watching and enjoying the event.

Are club box seats good?

The best seats at Wells Fargo are definitely the club and box seats. This includes sections such as the Club Boxes (CB), Cadillac Club, and the Suites 1 thru 82. The views are always good and the catering is great. They also have high-def screens throughout most of these premium seats.

Do you get free food with club seats?

Discount Drug Mart Club tickets include access to free food and non-alcoholic beverages in the Club Lounge, situated directly behind the seats.

Do Club seats include drinks?

No, club seats do not regularly include food and drink. Season ticket holders get a gift card with a minimum of 150 on it and discounts in food and merch, but no free food or parking.

What are the best seats to watch a football game?

The following is our list of the top spots to sit at a football game. No. 1: Sideline Seats in the Higher Rows of the Lower Level. No. 2: Club Seats. No. 3: Upper-Level Sideline Seats. No. 4: Lower-Level Corner Seats. No. 5: Mezzanine-Level Corner Seats. No. 6: Upper-Level Corner Seats. No. 7: Lower-Bowl End-Zone Seats. No.