Is Caso Cerrado a real court?

The cases are real, though there have been instances where they have had to dramatize them (bring in actors and such). There is a disclaimer at the end of each episode admitting such, in bigger print than what you would see on Judge Judy and similar shows.

Caso Cerrado (Case Closed), formerly Sala de Parejas (Couples’ Court), is a Spanish-language court show broadcast by Telemundo in which Cuban-American lawyer Ana María Polo arbitrates cases for volunteer participants.

Furthermore, is Caso Cerrado Cancelled? They also announced that “Caso Cerrado” would return in September but the return was delayed more than expected. Dr. Polo’s fans had to settle for reruns of the show in “Lo mejor de Caso Cerrado.”

Also Know, is Ana Maria Polo a real judge?

Ana Maria Polo, a real attorney who plays herself, as the judge in the cases presented on the show. “This show really is for young people. The older crowd enjoys it because they see part of their life reflected or, a modern life, that they may not know completely, reflected in there.

How old is the judge from Caso Cerrado?

Ana María Polo (born Ana María Cristina Polo González; 11 April 1959) is a Cuban-American Hispanic television arbitrator on Caso Cerrado. Born in Havana, Cuba. Ana moved to Miami when she was 2 years old but she was accompanied by her family.

What time do they give Caso Cerrado?

Ana Maria Polo returns in September with a new season and look of “Caso Cerrado Edición Estelar” on Telemundo for the United States. In this ground-breaking edition airing Monday through Friday at 7pm/6c, viewers will witness a series of new conflicts on current issues in our community in search of a solution.

How much does Ana Maria Polo make?

Ana Maria Polo). As a lawyer and loved tv personality she has made her fortune from her judicial background. According to Alpha Life, she has a net worth of $1.4 Million and is estimated to earn a yearly salary of $350,000.

When did Caso Cerrado start?

April 2, 2001

Who is Ana Maria Polo dating?

Ana Maria Polo has been in a relationship with Marlene Key.

How tall is Ana Maria Polo?

1.54 m

What channel is Caso Cerrado on?


Does Ana Maria Polo have a son?

Peter Polo

How old is Maria Polo?

60 years (April 11, 1959)

How do I contact Dr Ana Maria Polo?

Ana María Polo’s Phone. Found 1 phone: 313-430-XXXX.

What is Ana Maria Polo worth?

Therefore, Ana Maria Polo has an estimated net worth of $2.4 million.

What is Ana Maria Polo net worth?

Ana Maria Polo’s net worth is $950 thousand. Ana Maria Polo is an Cuban TV Show Host. She was born on the 11th April 1958 in Havana, Cuba. In 2020, Ana Maria Polo net worth is $950 thousand (USD).

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