How much does it cost to get an oil change at Take 5?

$19.99 for Synthetic Blend Oil Change at Take 5 Oil Change ($42.99 Value)

$19.99 for Synthetic Blend Oil Change at Take 5 Oil Change ($42.99 Value)

Furthermore, how long does an oil change take at Take 5? it’s a no frills sort of place and I was there for an oil change, so there’s that. long and short of it is I was in and out and still clean in about 14 minutes for a modest fee with new oils, a filter, some fluids, and my choice of tire pressure! – I prefer about 280kPa year round.

People also ask, does Take 5 Oil Change pay weekly?

Average Take 5 Oil Change weekly pay ranges from approximately $500 per week for Assistant Manager to $700 per week for Shop Manager.

How much is express oil change?

Oil change prices at chain shops

Company Price range*
*Prices are based on online listings and provider quotes and may vary by location.
Express Oil Change $37.99-$69.99
Firestone $39.99-$89.99
Goodyear $24.95-$69.95

What happens if you wait too long to change oil?

What Happens When You Wait Too Long for an Oil Change? Your vehicle oil must be changed before it becomes overly contaminated. The purpose of motor oil is to cool, clean, seal, and lubricate the engine. If you put off your oil change too long, the engine can burn up all the oil, causing major problems for your engine.

How long can I go without changing oil?

Most of the time if you are able to tolerate it, you can go about 5,000 to 6,000 miles over the recommended mileage change. In fact, depending on the age of your vehicle you could possibly go over about 7,000 to 10,000 miles. In theory, you could even run your engine without oil if you wanted to.

What happens if you don t get oil changed?

The most common issue is that the parts in your engine will become too hot. This can cause the engine to run less efficiently, and as time goes on, it can cause the engine components to warp and wear out. Eventually, if the oil is not changed, the entire engine will shut down and have to be replaced.

How much does a lube job cost?

The average salary for all lube technicians is about $15 per hour. Lube technicians with more experience or in areas with a higher cost of living can earn up to $29 per hour.

Is Synthetic Oil Better?

Because synthetic oil is better on your engine and has fewer impurities, it can go longer than conventional oils or synthetic blends. Turbo engines and older cars may still require oil changes every 3,000 to 5,000 miles. Synthetic oil change intervals range 10,000-15,000 miles or once a year (whatever comes first).

Does Take 5 Change oil filter?

THE STAY IN YOUR CAR HASSLE-FREE OIL CHANGE We’re all about fast, friendly, and simplified oil changes. In just a few short minutes, we change your engine oil along with the filter. Vital under hood fluids are checked and replenished to the recommended level. Drive-Thru anytime.

How much does Midas charge for an oil change?

Based on national averages before discounts, the price range for a full synthetic oil change is $45-$75, while a synthetic blend oil change costs $32-$53.

Does take 5 do inspections?

Take 5 pretty much specializes in doing inspections. They always have at least one and sometimes two inspectors on duty. Consequently, they can get you in and out within 20 minutes if there is no line. 1) Whether your car passes or fails inspection, they do NOT try to sell you on a bunch of other services.

Does Take 5 Oil Change drug test?

Yes. Only when first hired or when hurt on the job. No drug testing for Charlotte, NC locations. Most of the techs are high on the job, and some of the managers.

Does Take 5 Oil Change hire felons?

Do they hire felons? Yes,depending on the felony.

Should you tip when getting oil changed?

Most people don’t tip mechanics for an oil change since they are paid a decent hourly wage to do the job. Since it isn’t customary, you shouldn’t feel obliged. If you want to tip, you definitely can (in most cases). The average tip is $5 – $20.

How much do take 5 employees make?

Average Take 5 Oil Change hourly pay ranges from approximately $9.37 per hour for Lead Technician to $18.93 per hour for Mechanic. The average Take 5 Oil Change salary ranges from approximately $15,000 per year for Technician to $45,936 per year for Manager in Training.

Does Take 5 Oil Change Do tire rotation?

Sketchy service – they don’t do tire rotations or inspections at all. They “changed” my oil filter – not even sure they replaced it with a new one. It was overpriced at $85 for an oil change, I feel like I was scammed.

Can I drive my car with 5 oil life?

There is no harm in running the engine and driving the car several months overdue as long as the oil level is within the high and low marks. Oil detriorates over time mostly due to contamination from combustion byproducts eg carbon makes the oil go black.