How do you say bat in other languages?

Arabic: ??????

In other languages moth

  1. American English: moth.
  2. Arabic: ??????
  3. Brazilian Portuguese: traça.
  4. Chinese: ??
  5. Croatian: moljac.
  6. Czech: můra.
  7. Danish: møl.
  8. Dutch: mot.

Also, how do you say vampire in different languages? In other languages vampire

  1. American English: vampire.
  2. Arabic: ???????? ?????????
  3. Brazilian Portuguese: vampiro.
  4. Chinese: ???
  5. Croatian: vampir.
  6. Czech: upír.
  7. Danish: vampyr.
  8. Dutch: vampier.

Also know, how do you say black in different languages?

In other languages black

  1. American English: black.
  2. Arabic: ???????
  3. Brazilian Portuguese: preto.
  4. Chinese: ??
  5. Croatian: crn.
  6. Czech: černý
  7. Danish: sort.
  8. Dutch: zwart.

How do you say lion in different languages?

In other languages lion

  1. American English: lion.
  2. Arabic: ??????
  3. Brazilian Portuguese: leão.
  4. Chinese: ??
  5. Croatian: lav životinja.
  6. Czech: lev.
  7. Danish: løve.
  8. Dutch: leeuw dier.

What is butterfly in other languages?

flutur — butterfly, damper, spinner, fleeting. stil flutur – butterfly. Arabic – ????? (farash) ????? — butterfly, moth, satyr, tortoiseshell.

What is GREY in other languages?

This is the translation of the word “grey” to over 80 other languages. Saying Grey in European Languages. Language Ways to say grey Spanish gris [edit] Swedish grå [edit] Ukrainian сірий (siryy) [edit] Welsh llwyd [edit]

What is blue in other languages?

This page provides all possible translations of the word blue in almost any language. ????Arabic. modrýCzech. blåDanish.

What is purple in different languages?

Saying Purple in European Languages Language Ways to say purple French violet [edit] Galician roxo [edit] German lila [edit] Greek μωβ (mov) [edit]

What is white in other languages?

Saying White in European Languages Language Ways to say white Catalan blanc [edit] Croatian bijela [edit] Czech bílý [edit] Danish hvid [edit]

How do you say Black Rose in different languages?

How to Say “Rose” in Different Languages Amharic: “Rozi” Arabic: “Airtafae” Bangla: “Rōja” Belarusian: “Pужа” Bosnian: “Ruža” Bulgarian: “Roza” Burmese: “Nhainnse” Chinese: “Méiguī”

What in nature is black?

Neutral black occurs naturally in charcoal, soot (once known as “lampblack” and commonly used as a pigment), graphite, some types of coal, certain types of marble, granite and basalt, and probably many other minerals I’m not immediately thinking of.

What is the word black in German?

German word for black is schwarz.

What is brown in different languages?

Saying Brown in European Languages Language Ways to say brown Croatian smeđ [edit] Czech hnědý [edit] Danish Brun [edit] Dutch bruin [edit]

What is a synonym for vampire?

Synonyms. (mythological creature): nosferatu, lamia, cadaver sanguine. (bat): vampire bat. (blood drinker): hemovore, hematophagous.

What does Vampire mean in French?

French Translation. vampire. More French words for vampire. le vampire noun. ghoul, blood sucker, vulture.

What does Vampire mean in Latin?

Latin Translation. vampire. More Latin words for vampire. lamia noun. lamia, witch, sorceress, ghoul, enchantress.

What are Chinese and Japanese vampires called?

Japanese name. Kana. ????? showTranscriptions. A jiangshi, also known as a Chinese hopping vampire or hopping zombie, is a type of reanimated corpse in Chinese legends and folklore.

What do you mean by vampire?

Definition of vampire. 1 : the reanimated body of a dead person believed to come from the grave at night and suck the blood of persons asleep. 2a : one who lives by preying on others.