How do I cancel AJ membership?

To delete an account:

To delete an account: Step 1 – Use the drop-down to select the username you would like to delete. Step 2 – Click the Advanced Settings drop-down toggle. Step 3 – Click the Delete button. Step 4 – Type the Username for the Account you chose in Step 1.

Beside above, what happens when your AJ membership expires? When a member chooses to cancel their membership with Animal Jam, the items, animals, and member-only features will no longer be accessible. This being said, we will never remove the items completely from your account.

Also question is, how do I stop my animal jam membership?

  1. Log into the Parent Tools.
  2. Select the username of the Player Account from the drop-down.
  3. Click the Settings tab.
  4. Next to Membership , pick the drop down and change Auto Renew to Off.

How do I renew my animal jam membership?

  1. Log into the Parent Account.
  2. Select the player account with the recurring membership you would like to reactivate.
  3. Under the Settings Cogwheel to view the membership options.
  4. select Auto Renew: Off and from the drop down click “Auto Renew: On”
  5. A pop-up will appear.

Does Animal Jam delete old accounts?

Account Deletion Finally, if a nonmember account has been inactive for about three years, it will get deleted, and no more accounts can be created with the username of the deleted account. Please note that member accounts will not get deleted for inactivity.

How do I cancel my animal jam membership without a parent account?

“ How do I cancel a recurring membership? Log into your Parent Dashboard. Select the username of the player account with the recurring membership you would like to cancel. Under the Membership tab, click the Change link found beneath the text that reads Auto-Renew: On.

How do I change my parent account on Animal Jam?

Once logged into the parent account, Click on the Parent Profile option at the top of the screen. Click your current email in the field. Add your new email in the field and click the green Submit button. PLEASE NOTE: A confirmation email will be sent to your new email address.

Is Animal Jam play wild Safe?

Parents need to know that Animal Jam – Play Wild! is a virtual world for kids that’s available on iOS and Android devices. Kids won’t see ads in the virtual world but may feel pressured to make an in-app sapphire purchase to buy things to use while playing. Though this is a mostly safe place for kids — the.

How much is Ajpw membership?

You will need access to your parent dashboard if there are any complications with your purchase! – A Recurring Subscription is the membership plan included in our $6.99 USD in-app purchase.

How do I cancel my animal jam membership on my Iphone?

– Choose the “View Apple ID” option. – Scroll down and tap “Subscriptions”. – Tap the “Animal Jam – Play Wild!” subscription. – At the bottom, choose the “Cancel Subscription” option.

Where do you get Animal Jam membership cards?

Where can I purchase an Animal Jam Gift Card? Animal Jam Gift Cards are available at a wide variety of retailers across the globe. Click here to see a list of stores near you. Animal Jam Gift Cards can also be purchased online from Walmart, PayPal, and PayPal’s eBay shop.

Why is Animal Jam not working?

If it does not, the issue most likely lies with the computer itself. If you are experiencing a problem with your internet connection, verify that your network and computer hardware are in working order, then contact your internet service provider’s customer support.

How do you make a parent account on Animal Jam?

How do I activate my Parent Account? Locate the welcome email sent by Animal Jam HQ. Click on the link provided in the email or copy and paste the link into your browser’s address bar. Type the password you would like for your Parent Account, then click the Continue button.

How do I contact Animal Jam?

For inquiries regarding our disclosure policy, please send -us an email to [email protected], or write us at: Animal Jam PO Box 3624, Salt Lake City, UT 84110-3624. We will be happy to honor your request.

What happens when your Ajpw membership expires?

If your Membership expires while you are in a Pack, you will lose the ability to use many of the Pack Features such as Pack Chat, Forest Runs, the Hideout Gem Tree, or the Hideout Loot Chest until your membership renews.

How much does it cost to be a member on Animal Jam?

Memberships can be purchased in a variety of ways: a monthly recurring subscription, a once-yearly payment, or through physical Animal Jam member cards. The prices start at $6.95 per month or about $58 per year if you pay for 12 months at a time. You can also purchase physical membership cards for 3-6 months.

Can you buy animal jam membership with iTunes?

Animal Jam does not have access to your account billing to assist with purchase issues. This is true for all app purchases for all businesses. When making a purchase through Apple/iTunes, there are a few reasons your purchase may fail. Apple subscription plans are linked to your Apple ID.

Do you have to pay to play Animal Jam?

We may require you to pay a fee for a non-exclusive license to use certain Animal Jam Content. You acknowledge that Animal Jam Content has no real world value, is licensed as part of, and may only be used in, Animal Jam.