Does Walmart sell mini kegs?

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Bud Light Beer, 15.5 gal

Similarly, what beer comes in mini kegs? Mini Keg Beers for the Mini Kegerator

  • Heineken Lager.
  • Newcastle Brown Ale.
  • Coors Light Lager.
  • Paulaner Oktoberfest Marzen Amber.
  • DAB Original Lager.
  • Widmer Hefeweizen.
  • Bell’s Oberon Wheat Ale.
  • Rogue Yellow Snow IPA.

Thereof, what is the smallest keg you can buy?

1/6BBL a.k.a 20L (Sixth Barrel or Twenty Liter): The smallest size of keg commonly available. Easy on the back, same height as a 1/2BBL but much slimmer. Holds 5.15 gallons or 42 pints.

How much is a mini keg?

Mini kegs usually sell for between $15 and $30. If you shop around, you should be able to reliably find one for $20 in a store near you, so I’ll just assume that price in further calculations. Let’s figure out the price per serving in a mini keg. The mini keg advertises 20 8oz servings on its label.

How many beers are in a keg?

This is what most people know as “a keg,” but the half barrel name throws them off. One of these has 15.5 gallons of beer in it. That means you can get 165 12 oz. beers from it, or 124 16 oz.

How many beers is in a full keg?


How much do kegs of beer cost?

Most sixers start around $70 and go up to over $250, depending on the beer selected. For micro brewed craft beers, most pony kegs start around $120 and half barrels start around $180. In addition to the keg cost, a keg deposit ($30) is required, but is refundable upon return of the keg.

How much are Bud Light kegs?

Keg Pricing PRICES SUBJECT TO CHANGE – CALL TO CONFIRM (4/5/19) 100900 BUD LIGHT $140.00 120900 BUDWEISER $140.00 170900 MICHELOB ULTRA $147.50 200900 MICHELOB AMBER BOCK $147.50

What is a Pony Keg?

A quarter barrel, more commonly known as pony keg, is a beer vessel containing approximately 7.75 U.S. gallons (29.33 liters) of fluid. It is half the size of the standard beer keg and equivalent to a quarter of a barrel.

Where can I get a keg?

There are many places that sell kegs, such as liquor stores, breweries, wineries, and even some restaurants. Choose a place that is close to your party and that sells the type of beer you’d like to buy. Place your order in advance.

What stores sell kegs?

Most liquor stores, package stores, beverage marts and grocery stores sell kegs. Depending on state law some breweries can also sell kegs directly. Generally stores have few kegs on hand aside from some of the more popular brands such as Bud, Coors and Keystone.

How do kegs work?

How a Keg Works. A modern keg is more than just a vessel to hold beer. This gas escapes into the head space (above the beer) via an exit on the underside of the valve. The pressure of the gas pushes down on the beer forcing it up through a tube that extends from the valve down to the bottom of the keg.

How many 24 packs of beer are in a keg?

Easy kegs to cases conversion. A standard keg of beer, also known as a half barrel, is 15.5 U.S. gallons in size. Typically, a case of beer contains 24 bottles or cans.

How long do mini kegs last?

As long as the mini keg has not been tapped, and you keep it refrigerated, it should stay fresh for several months. However, once the keg has been carbonated (or filled with finished beer from a larger keg) it is ideal that you plan to consume it within 2 – 3 months.

What is a mini keg?

Mini Keg: Designed for mini kegerators, this size keg only holds 5 liters of beer, or 169.07 ounces to be exact. This is the perfect sized keg for one-time use and/or portable purposes. This may include watching the game with a couple of friends, weekend camping trip or a small dinner party with family.

How big is a mini keg?

The Mini Keg It is the smallest in the keg family and only holds 1.1 gallons (169.07 oz) of beer. It is commonly used for portable applications such as picnic, watching a match with a number of friends or a small weekday gathering. Its dimensions are a height of 9.8” and a diameter of 6.75”.

How many servings are in a keg?

At 15.5 gallons of beer, a keg translates to roughly 165 12oz (the amount in a can) servings of beer. That means you can have 40 people over and everyone will get at least four beers, or eight beers each if you have 20 people over.

How many beers are in a mini keg?

Mini Keg – Also called a Bubba Keg. Typically used in a mini kegerator, they are commonly used for individual or small gathering use. They also are good for portable applications as these kegs are easily transportable. They hold 14 twelve ounce pours.